Another Great Spring

I attended Spring
in Athens, OH, today, driving down from Detroit the night before and back up again right after I wad done (about 300 miles each way). I attended last year’s event and was impressed by the quality and professionalism, and this year was just as good (perhaps better, thanks to an incredible new venue which we were the first to use). Over 200 attendees, several Macromedians, and presentations by lots of well known community names (including Phillip Kerman, Joseph Lowery, Nate Weiss, and Matt Liotta).
I gave the opening keynote, and talked about Flash directions, Flex, and the future of ColdFusion (and gave a sneak peek at some Blackstone features, that went over very well indeed). I also presented a lunch-and-learn session on Flex, demonstrating basic Flex development techniques, and discussing the ColdFusion/Flex and Flash/Flex relationships.
This was another great event, and I must acknowledge Dave Hannum and his team for pulling this off for the second year in a row. I’ll plan on dropping by again next year.

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  1. Emilie Meade Avatar
    Emilie Meade

    Ben, your presentations were great yesterday, as always. I know our team is very excited for the release of Flex and Blackstone after seeing just a sampling of the new features. Next time you’re in or driving through Columbus, give us a call and we’ll provide the beer if you provide the release dates.

  2. Dave Hannum Avatar
    Dave Hannum

    Ben, it was great to have you again! You know you’re always welcome here at Spring <BR>. Mark your calendar for March 2005 and this time come and stay a day or two!

  3. Chris Peters Avatar
    Chris Peters

    Ben: I really enjoyed your presentations as well.
    Emilie: You may have to provide a lot of beer BEFORE Ben will provide release dates, but I love your strategy. 🙂

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