Two New ColdFusion Articles

“Application Design: Dynamically change state and city drop-down boxes with DHTML” by Thomas Ortega explains ColdFusion / JavaScript integration at
“Making ColdFusion thread-safe with cflock” by Andrew Grant provides a good introduction to locking at

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  1. vesa Avatar

    Just a quick look, is the first article (Dropdown menu with JS & CFML) same as this:

  2. Adam Howitt Avatar
    Adam Howitt

    Actually, the approach on my site (reference above) is slightly different. The code there will work if you reformat it (mental note: fix blog code to display cf better) and remove the spurious p tags it throws in there.
    The approach I use is to only pull the data as I need it, so adapting my example, if I select Illinois, the JavaScript ServerCommunication piece calls a cfm template with the state=IL in the URL and returns a list of only Illinois Cities e.g. ‘Chicago’,’Champagne’,’Springfield’ which can be parsed in the return function to populate the combo box/drop down or fill in a text field…

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