Software Updates Available

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  1. Eric Jones Avatar
    Eric Jones

    If I have CFMX 6.1 Do I need to and can I update the JRUN component separately???

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    If you have CF Enterprise, and installed JRun with CF deployed on top of it, then yes, you can (and should) upgrade your JRun.

  3. C Avatar

    Oh no. This was a bad idea. It totally hosed my CFMX 6.1 instances. For more info, read here

  4. tom Avatar

    I cannot get the jrun 4 updater 7 installed. It wants to know the path of the jrun 4 location, i have tried a hundred different locations. What the heck it is looking for?
    Help! Sorry to post in 2 locations, getting frustrated.

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