ColdFusion Hotfixes: Duplicate() and GetHTTPRequestData() Fixed

6 responses to “ColdFusion Hotfixes: Duplicate() and GetHTTPRequestData() Fixed”

  1. PaulKD Avatar

    Time for 6.2?

  2. Mark Lynch Avatar
    Mark Lynch

    Finally – it’s a shame that macromedia took so long to fix this bug – it was reported at the end of November 03 so it has taken over 3 months to get a fix for this.
    A suggestion to Macromedia’s would be to improve the simplicity and transparency of bug reporting/tracking. And also accept that bug reports are not always wishes?
    The thread where this bug was reported highlights that the macromedia bug reporting system is not simple or consistent –
    If people could search the bug reports (ala bugzilla) then it would probably significantly reduce the number or duplicate bugs on their system and help get more information into the correct places.
    I agree with PaulKD – 6.2 would be nice – saves the hassle of applying all the hotfixes on every server.

  3. Mark Lynch Avatar
    Mark Lynch

    BTW – thanks macromedia – my previous post was a bit negative – I do appreciate that MM have fixed the bug.

  4. Bernd Avatar

    It’s to bad that MM’s communication policy is not really transparent for users. I am currently looking for information about CF MX’s future. What are they planning for CF MX? When is the next release coming out?
    Why isn’t MM talking with their user base?
    btw…. MX 6.1 is great 🙂

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Paul, Mark, no plans for a 6.2 at this time, although there may be a "rollup" hotfix, all of them rolled into one.
    Bernd, I agree completely! And that is about to change, stay tuned.

  6. Bernd Avatar

    Thanks for the info Ben. I am very curious now 🙂
    It is very important for MM to give an outlook of the things to come. If I want to make sure that my
    company stays with CFMX I need to give them an idea of where CF MX is going. If I don’t have any news they might decide to switch to another product.

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