I know that in ColdFusion MX 6.1 is fast, I’ve been saying so myself for a while now. But I have to tell you, seeing it in action is something of a thrill. I sent out an e-mail message to my mailing list yesterday, approximately 5000 address (all opted in!). It is simple code; a form, a query to get the addresses, and . In the past (CF5 and CFMX) the form action page (spooling the messages) took 20-30 minutes, yesterday it took less than a minute. In the past mail delivery took hours (I monitor the logs, and can also tell by when I receive bounces), yesterday it took just a few minutes. In case I have not said it recently, CFMX 6.1 kick some serious b***!

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Ben, Out of curiosity how do you handle bounce backs?

  2. paul stewart Avatar
    paul stewart

    yeah i’d like to know that too..

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Not easily. I don’t send out mailings often enough to invest the time to do it properly, but …
    1) I have a rule that moves any bounces to a specific POP mailbox (this is pre CFMX6.1 code, in 6.1 I’d not need that rule, I could use FAILTO="" to specify that mailbox).
    2) A scheduled event uses <CFPOP> to retrieve all bounce messages.
    3) Most bounces are either "unknown user" or "unknown host". For the former I increment a counter in the mailing list table, when the counter hits 3 I no longer include them in the mailing. For the latter I generate a row in a "to be looked at" table, and at some point I manually check whether or not those domains exist (and if not I kill any accounts in it).
    4) Other messages (forwarding messages, ooo, mailbox full) I handle manually as there are so few of them.
    It is not ideal, but it works, and my bounce rate is about 10% (much lower than industry averages of 30+%).

  4. JohnB Avatar

    FYI – on your RSS feed it seems to omit the <> tags and everything between them in the subject, so when you read the thread title it’s just ‘Rocks!’ I thought you were taking a trip into Geology!!!

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    John, shows up with the tags on mine. What reader are you using?

  6. JohnB Avatar

    Ben, I’m using the RSS Reader panel plugin for Firefox and also Newz Crawler – both do the same thing.

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