I know that in ColdFusion MX 6.1 is fast, I’ve been saying so myself for a while now. But I have to tell you, seeing it in action is something of a thrill. I sent out an e-mail message to my mailing list yesterday, approximately 5000 address (all opted in!). It is simple code; a form, a query to get the addresses, and . In the past (CF5 and CFMX) the form action page (spooling the messages) took 20-30 minutes, yesterday it took less than a minute. In the past mail delivery took hours (I monitor the logs, and can also tell by when I receive bounces), yesterday it took just a few minutes. In case I have not said it recently, CFMX 6.1 kick some serious b***!

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  1. Not easily. I don’t send out mailings often enough to invest the time to do it properly, but …
    1) I have a rule that moves any bounces to a specific POP mailbox (this is pre CFMX6.1 code, in 6.1 I’d not need that rule, I could use FAILTO="" to specify that mailbox).
    2) A scheduled event uses <CFPOP> to retrieve all bounce messages.
    3) Most bounces are either "unknown user" or "unknown host". For the former I increment a counter in the mailing list table, when the counter hits 3 I no longer include them in the mailing. For the latter I generate a row in a "to be looked at" table, and at some point I manually check whether or not those domains exist (and if not I kill any accounts in it).
    4) Other messages (forwarding messages, ooo, mailbox full) I handle manually as there are so few of them.
    It is not ideal, but it works, and my bounce rate is about 10% (much lower than industry averages of 30+%).

  2. Ben,
    FYI – on your RSS feed it seems to omit the <> tags and everything between them in the subject, so when you read the thread title it’s just ‘Rocks!’ I thought you were taking a trip into Geology!!!

  3. Ben, I’m using the RSS Reader panel plugin for Firefox and also Newz Crawler – both do the same thing.

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