Web Services Session at Flash Forward

I moderated an “Ask The Expert” session on Web Services at Flash Forward. The session was pretty well attended (considering that Flash Forward is predominantly a design oriented event), and the questions and discussion was positive and insightful.
But there was an overriding sense of “tread carefully, this could be yet another over-hyped technology that won’t deliver”. It seems as though many are playing the waiting game, wanting to see practical, useful, high-profile, public facing Web Services before committing to the technology.
Which begs the question, do these exist yet? If so, which are you using, and how? And if not, why not?

2 responses to “Web Services Session at Flash Forward”

  1. Brian Avatar

    I’m using a web service to have a VB.Net application interact with a CFMX server. It saves me from having to install oracle drivers on every machine that I install the VB.Net application and I can manipulate how the service works without touching the VB.Net application. The VB.Net application is a screen saver that runs on computers with monitors in public areas and show current stock price and other company info.

  2. Jeff H Avatar
    Jeff H

    We are in the process of consuming a travel based web service. Unfortunately I’m in the process of writing it in Java as I type this since CF seems to be unable to understand some complex non-CF web services even after the webservice hotfix has been applied. Simple stuff works great though (bablefish, google, stock quotes, etc). So yes, there are definitely viable webservices out there it’s just that in our case, using them can be a unnecessarily complex endeavor due to shortcomings of CF. Not to bash CF, though… language ever!

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