I am Back

I took a few days off, and went to London with some of the kids for a wedding. I did not take a computer with me on this trip, and now that I am back my inbox is nothing short of terrifying! It’s actually kind of sad when taking a few days off means paying for it big time later. 🙁

3 responses to “I am Back”

  1. pedram Avatar

    hi ben
    can write about "pollSter2.0" in blog
    i can download or register this application ?
    is free ?
    tnx , bye

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Pollster 2 is part of the DRK 5, see

  3. Christian Cantrell Avatar
    Christian Cantrell

    I totally agree. Sometimes I think email has done more harm than good. It’s certainly gone too far, no question about that.

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