ColdFusion Developer Journal Awards

Looks like I missed the SYS-CON announcements for their “ColdFusion Developer’s Journal Readers’ Choice Awards” (press release at My “ColdFusion MX Web Application Construction Kit” won the “Best Book” category, and my “Advanced ColdFusion MX Application Development” was first runner-up (the Advanced book had won this category every year previously). Both books are linked at In the “Best CF Web Service” category my “CF-Tip-of-the-Day” won, six months after I stopped updating that service (migrating the content to my blog). The truth is, I have no idea what this particular award is, as few entries in the “Best CF Web Service” were actually Web Services. Still, winning these awards again is a great honor, and I thank all of you who voted for me.

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  1. Alex Avatar

    Congrats on winning the awards!
    I too found the results of these awards a bit suspicious. According to the results Dreamweaver MX is a better delelopment tool than Studio MX???!!!

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