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Here is a nice little free utility, courtesy of V-Mobile Software. Bluetooth Dialer is a Pocket PC application which can dial a phone number on your phone directly from the PDA contact list. Select the contact person name on your PDA and send it to the phone to dial (without needing to store phone numbers in your phone). This is a free download from Handango at

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  1. Christian Cantrell Avatar
    Christian Cantrell

    This is why I use a Sony Clie UX50 and a Sonyericsson t616. I like keeping all my contacts on my Clie, and dialing via Bluetooth.
    I also use my Clie for SMS reading and writing. I write messages with the nice thumb-board on the Clie, and send them to the phone via Bluetooth. Works great. When I get SMS messages on my phone, the Clie will download them for easier reading.

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