Computerworld: "FlashPaper could outperform PDF"

3 responses to “Computerworld: "FlashPaper could outperform PDF"”

  1. Alex Avatar

    >Unlike PDF documents you can’t e-mail FlashPaper files
    Hmm – might be nice if .swf could be associated with IE/Mozilla so that one could email .swf around.

  2. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    They can be viewed directly in IE as Alex is hinting, and therefore could be emailed, with instructions.
    But it would be better if they were associated with whatever browser on the user machine has the flash plugin.

  3. Aaron Prust Avatar
    Aaron Prust

    And it would be great if you could import the flashpaper swf’s into your flash library or load them into your movie as external swf’s. but you can’t. what’s up with that?
    i was going to make this great cd-rom thing all in flash that would load flashpapers from this nice menu. and it was going to be all flash.
    so it’s back to director and the pdf XTRA after all. waaaaa.

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