Two New Flash Wizards Released

The Macromedia Flash team has released two new Flash Wizards. The “Data Connection Wizard” simplifies the process of connecting back-end data (Web Services or XML) to a data set and data grid, setting up all the controls and bindings. The “DataGrid Column Editor” generates ActionScript code for datagrid manipulation and configuration.
Both wizards are available for immediate download from the Flash Exchange at I have written a detailed article that uses these Wizards in ColdFusion / Flash integration, it will be posted next week.

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  1. Bruce Avatar

    In 1998 I hadn’t ever even seen a computer up close. I’ve since gone to 3 different schools, and recieved my AA Degree as a "computer Graphics Specialist" I’ve worked with Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarXPress, Pagemaker, Frontpage, Dreamwvr, Flash, Director, Fireworks, HTML, After Effects, Bryce, Premiere, Freehand, Corel, you get the picture.
    Somewhere along the line, of course I had to make a web site. I made some cool ones in all the WYSIWYG’s, DW, FP, GoLv, Flash, ImageReady, FW. etc.. Then one day I made a "forms" page, and realized there is a whole other part to making websites. I’m the more "creative" type though. should a guy thats always been "artistic" even try to go into learning about things like CF, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, and all the other CGI’s in order to make more dynamic websites (and if so where should I start). I have been reading for the past few weeks and more or less have it visualized in my head as to the difference between Server side, and client side, and databases is. So Now I’m at the point of having made some nice static sites. I want to take my skills to the next level. Should I leave the programming to the programers, or can a designer learn how to make an interactive site without to much of trying to change my whole mental, and psychic make-up. Can I stay a Leftbrained artsy type and make a forms page work easily enough and maybe make a site for a busines where they can use credit cards. What are some good examples of the basics I should try for next? What are some URL’s of some nicely made Dreamweaver/Flash based dynamic websites, that a designer could make without to much book reading, and computer script learning. Or should I resolve to understanding that I’m going to have to hit the books for another year or 2 to learn about this end of the web design industry?
    Also one critic of my latest web site said "It looks like something from the early 90’s" Please direct me to some of the more updated, cooler,websites of "today". That aren’t the best of the best,(I don’t want to try to build a site to make every other web designer go "holy poopoo" how’d he do that? ) but still better than average. You know what I mean don’t ya? On a scale of 1-100, somewhere around a 60-80.
    Bruce Morano

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