ColdFusion Eclipse Plug-In

This one is apparently not that new, but it was just brought to my attention, and I thought it worth sharing in case others had not run into it yet. Rohan Clan has created a basic ColdFusion Eclipse plug-in for use with Eclipse 2.1 and 3 (and apparently tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux running JRE 1.4). Details at

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  1. rob Avatar

    Just tested this on WinXP/Eclipse 3.0 and it didn’t work. Dropping the files into the /eclipse/plugins/ directory and restarting does not work(at least on my side). I’ve installed plug-ins before and I know I’ve followed the correct steps, so just a word of warning…

  2. Steven Erat Avatar
    Steven Erat

    While Eclipse is a great IDE, runs natively on Linux, and now has ColdFusion plugins thanks to Rob, I found it was really easy to get HomeSite+ working on Linux using WINE.
    For those that would like to continue using their favorite Windows IDE for ColdFusion and would like to completly switch to Linux as their primary platform, let this show that it can be done:

  3. Nathan Strutz Avatar
    Nathan Strutz

    I installed it on eclipse 3.0M6, and it didn’t look like it worked at first when I opened a cfm file on my disk. When I created a new cfm file in eclipse, it started working right away. Give that a try and maybe you’ll have better luck.

  4. rob Avatar

    Thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

  5. rob Avatar

    Figured it out. I was using M5 and not M6….

  6. Bruce Avatar

    Can’t figure out how to get this to run on WinXP SP 2. I’ve never installed plugins before but I followed the steps.
    Could anyone help?
    Bruce Byford

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