Column: "I Don't Hate Dreamweaver"

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  1. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    Given MM’s less-than-stellar record with HS+, I spent most of the holidays grudgingly trying to adjust to DW as my primary CF IDE. I think if a developer has the time to learn the DW API (to create custom commands and kb shortcuts) and has a fast machine, DW *can* be made to perform adequately for most hand coders.
    But it is still slow, flakey at times, and the API has some serious bugs.
    However, the investment in time may be worth it for those interested in Flash Remoting or web services integration in the future– I doubt HS+ will ever receive enough of an upgrade to help with these tasks.
    I can now say I also don’t hate DW, but I’m looking forward to the day I can unapologetically say I like it;)

  2. KhakiMan Avatar

    Actually, it’s good to see a positive regard for Dreamweaver, especially since I see Ben helped out on the "ColdFusion MX Development with Dreamweaver MX Visual Quickpro Guide". Seems odd to have "developed" a book on a product and not back it.
    The KhakiMan

  3. Andy Jarrett Avatar
    Andy Jarrett

    I’ve been trying to get into DWMX for ages, after reading you atricle i had another shot at it. The only problem is that "sites" are still needed if you want to do use the component tab, database tab (the DB tab is what i really miss at the moment from HS). Also with "Sites" still come alot of MM config files and folders. Apart from that the editor is allot better than HS+ which is why i am slowly moving over, but not fully there.

  4. Qasim Rasheed Avatar
    Qasim Rasheed

    Ben, its a really nice article to give an introduction to some interesting features of DWMX. I would recommend that the CFC introspection, Web Service tag can also made be available for HomeSite. This will definitely help developers like me who are still addicted to Studio environment.

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