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I used much of my quiet time over the holidays to play with Flex (the in-beta product formerly known as Royale), and honestly, it’s been a quite a while since I have had this much fun. Flex is highly addictive, and has that same instant-gratification feel that makes using ColdFusion such a pleasure.
I know that most of you have yet to play with Flex, and no, I am not telling you this just to rub it in. The point is that I have been given permission to post some of my Flex apps live on my site along with the source code, so as to share some of the experience with you.
The apps I’ll be posting are all experiments and will likely keep changing as I keep tinkering; in addition, Flex is still in beta so stuff may not always work as intended and features are still likely to change between now and the time we ship, so please keep this all in perspective. Having said that, I’m excited to be able to share this with you, and eagerly await your comments and feedback.
More to follow.

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