Happy New Year to All

2003 was a pretty intense and very hectic year. New products, a new baby, new books, over 150,000 actual miles logged, dozens of speaking engagements, a new blog, trips to over a dozen countries, a new Macromedia conference … Wow! Thanks for all your support this past year, both personally and professionally, it is greatly appreciated.
So … here’s to a great, prosperous, peaceful, and even enjoyable 2004!

3 responses to “Happy New Year to All”

  1. Michael Ramirez Avatar
    Michael Ramirez

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Marco Antonio Gonçalves Avatar
    Marco Antonio Gonçalves

    Happy New Year, Ben!

  3. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    All the best in the new year, Ben.

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