I recently needed to change the JRE used by JRun (to a newer version). No problem, just stop JRun, remove the old JRE, install the new one and restart JRun. Right? Nope. JRun stores the JRE path, and that needs to be updated to reflect the new JRE location. It took a few minutes to find where this information is stored, so in case anyone else needs this (or for the next time I need it myself), it is in {JRun root}/bin/jvm.config.

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  1. Or just use the JRun Management Console, browse to a server > Settings > JVM Settings and then specify the path in there. (note: as far as I know this will affect all servers)

  2. That will work if you *add* a JRE, but if you replace it (like I did) then you won’t be able to get to the JMC as the admin server won’t run. 🙂

  3. Also, if I recall, if you use the JRun Management Console to make some of those changes, it will rearrange the arguments in the jvm.config (at least the CFMX on JRun version did).

  4. Hi Ben, I am newbie to Jrun, and i read you blog abut the ‘Changing the JRun JRE’. you mentioned to "remove the old JRE" in Jrun 4? and i am wondering how do you do that? Thanks in advance

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