is running a story on how the AMD Opteron 248 outperforms Intel Xeon 2.8GHz MP in server benchmarks. So what has this to do with ColdFusion? The test was performed using a ColdFusion application. To quote: “In a two CPU head-to-head comparison running a stressful Web server script and a stressful database server script, the AMD Opteron devastated the Xeon MP, outscoring it by 45% in the ColdFusion MX server responsiveness test.” I am not sure what is more interesting, the assertion that the much cheaper AMD Opteron runs ColdFusion apps quicker, or the ColdFusion MX was picked for the “stressful Web server script and a stressful database server script”. Story is at

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  1. Interesting indeed. Especially since Sun has not yet released an optimized jvm for Opteron. Once there is a 64 bit jvm for Opteron, you would expect to see even better performance.

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