Coming Soon: MAX 2004 Japan

MAX is heading to Tokyo, Japan. DevCon Tokyo last year was an incredible success, and I have every reason to believe that MAX (February 19-20, 2004) will be too. I am not sure exactly what I’ll be presenting there yet, but if you’re in that part of the world, I hope to see you there. Details are at

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  1. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    How about MAX Europe?
    Last EUCON (MM user conference in Europe) was in Paris back in 1999…

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Isn’t that CF_Europe?

  3. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    No, CF_Europe is a grassroot event, only partially supported by MM; more or less the same way they support other similar events, like MX North or TODCON.
    Years ago, before the Allaire merge, MM’s conference was called UCON (User Conference) and we used to have an EUCON (European User Conference). Last edition was in Paris, 1999.
    As far as I know EUCON was killed because it was too large and expensive, requiring a huge critical mass of people attending.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    True, MM sponsors CF_Europe (and lots of other regional shows), but there is no MM event. Numbers is a big part of it, DevCon Tokyo last year had more attendees than did DevCon USA even, that makes it much easier to justify. But, point taken, I’ll discuss it with the events team.

  5. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    I think there is an opportunity for a less ambitious event, something less expensive than what EUCON used to be; able to break even more easily.
    MM Italy may provide some interesting feedback due to their experience with the "From A to Web" event.

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