Guess where I am … anyone? … Houston, and once again I am waiting for a flight because I missed my connection.
Ok, in all fairness it is not Houston’s fault this time, well, not entirely. My flight leaving Salt Lake City this morning left an hour late (some sensor had frozen, you’d think they’d have checked this earlier, the plane had been sitting there since last night). So we landed in Houston at 1:05 pm, and my connection was at 1:17pm. I could have made it, but nope, there was “equipment” in the way at the gate (hey, they had no idea we were arriving, right?), so we sat for 10 minutes, and then I ran to the next gate only to be greeted by the sight of my plane pulling away.
So, I am back in Houston, waiting for a plane, and wishing that this airport had high-speed Internet access available. Ugh!

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  1. Ben, If your ever stuck in Houston again let us know.. We may not be able to get you high-speed Internet access at the airport, but we can sure get you a couple of drinks..

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