The MAX Buzz

Finally, a few minutes of blogging time …
MAX 2003 has been a blast thus far – there is incredible excitement, attendees seem excited and enthusiastic, the facilities are great, and everyone seems to be having fun. That’s a good thing.
The Day 2 keynote was hilarious, our very own Tim Buntel and Eileen Stanley hosted another TV Show and presented a mix of fun and features that was both entertaining and informative. Breeze’s new extensibility layer is thought provoking, Central has generated lots of chatter, and “my favorite molecule is water” (hey, you had to be there).
I moderated a “Meet the ColdFusion Engineers” BOF last night, an intense hour of great discussion about what ColdFusion should become, and what features Blackstone should deliver. No big surprises, lots of validation of current thinking, and lots of useful direction. Standing room only, and I had to close the floor eventually as we ran over time. Good stuff.
The “Sneak Peak” session is in an hour, I’ll post more then.

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