Royale is "Flex"

It’s official, the product formerly known by the codename “Royale” will be named “Macromedia Flex”. Flex is a standards based server product that allows developers to build rich user experiences all in code (in an XML based language).
Flex is designed to leverage existing and standards based back-ends, and ColdFusion developers will find that they can use Flex to build sophisticated n-tier applications (with ColdFusion providing the back-end processing, and Flex generating the client-side code).
More details to be announced at MAX later this week. For now, to sign up for the Flex beta, go to

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  1. Dave Carabetta Avatar
    Dave Carabetta

    Curiously, none of the articles or Breeze presentations specifically mention ColdFusion integration. They only state that the Flex engine will run on a "J2EE server" (with .NET sometime next year). Is there any publicly available information covering how Flex will integrate with the existing ColdFusion engine?

  2. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I agree… there is a curious discomfort in the lack of detail for ColdFusion. The obvious mention that it Requires J2EE states it would not run on Professional… but it might run on Enterprise… what is the skinny on this one… answers are amazingly missing about what it will or won’t do. What is the true integration of the products?

  3. PC Avatar

    I third that… All us CFers and loyal MM supporters want is CF/Flex integration details. I posted the need for CF/Flex integration info on the "official" Flex blog at
    I hope MM is paying close attention to all the blogging about Flex on all the MM blogs. The common thread is "where the heck is the CF integration info?" They need to listen and learn. I was hoping they would have learned from their mistakes on the lack of info about flash remoting support in Flash 2k4 Pro. They made all us CFers and remoters very uneasy about the future of remoting. We were feeling left out in the cold. After the fact, they said they learned their lesson from the huge backlash, they apologized and said they would do better. Now they are doing it again with Flex. They seem to leave out their current customers and supporters until we demand it by speaking up loudly and in huge numbers. Let all us CFers shout it now: "WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE…!" I won’t be satisfied with MM’s CF sales, marketing and support efforts until CF is the number one app server on the planet in market share. Why not? It’s the best app server out there. Why shouldn’t the best be number one in volume? Anything less is unacceptable.

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