Marriott Hotels Using ColdFusion

My latest find (this one courtesy of Paul Madar, General Manager of the Macromedia Developer Solutions Group) Marriott Hotels is using ColdFusion on their Mid Atlantic Marriott site at

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  1. Eric Ladd Avatar
    Eric Ladd

    We develop and host a number of sites for Marriott’s regional offices, most of which are built with ColdFusion. Here’s a sampling:
    Marriott’s corporate office still insists on using ASP, but fortunately the regional offices have some latitude in their choice of platform when they develop microsites.
    Best wishes,
    Eric Ladd
    NetLink Resource Group, Inc.
    Alexandria, VA

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Eric, thanks for those additional URLs, I used some of them in my MAX keynote last week. 🙂

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