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If you use Web Services (either publishing or consuming them) then this one will be of interest to you, a CFMX hot fix which provides SOAP header support is now available.
This hot fix adds three new functions that may be used from within CFC methods: GetRequestHeader() is used to get a SOAP header, AddResponseHeader() to add a header to returned SOAP, and IsViaSOAP() to determine if a CFC method is being invoked via SOAP. There are also two new functions for use when invoking Web Services (via or CreateObject()): AddRequestHeader() adds a header before method invocation, and GetResponseHeader() can access a returned SOAP header after invocation.
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  1. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    That’s very cool thanks.
    I hope this could become part of the base product in the future

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