Local WSDL Can Improve Web Service Performance

takes the URL of the WSDL file for the Web Service to be used. That URL is retrieved by ColdFusion via an HTTP call, and that HTTP call takes time. To improve the performance of Web Service invocation you may save the WSDL locally and then use a local URL in . The remote Web Service will still be used, but ColdFusion will not need to make that extra, which in turn improves performance. Of course, there is a downside to doing this, if the Web Services changes you’ll be left with an out of date WSDL file unless you update it, but then again, if the Web Service changes you’ll likely need to make code changes anyway.
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Looks like I may have jumped the gun on this one. While my initial tests showed this to be correct (faster with a local WSDL) file, longer and more extensive tests (far more calls to far more Web Services looping hundreds of times) show the results to be all over the place (sometimes taking much longer with a local WSDL file). I’ll dig into this some more and will post additional information when I figure it all out.

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  1. michael Avatar

    My department has run into a problem recently where we were developing a .Net web service at the same time we were developing a coldfusion website and if we changed the interface to the webservices the cold fusion service wouldn’t recognize it until we cleared the cache using:
    discovered at:
    So wouldn’t storing the WSDL locally uncecessary because of this caching?

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