Actual transcript of a phone call I received last night (well, not the whole call, just until the point at which I had to bite my lips for fear of laughing out loud):
CALLER: Hello, is this Ben?
ME: Yes it is.
CALLER: Hi, this is **** calling from ****. I just wanted to check that you received the e-mail we sent you earlier.
ME: The one about the meeting being changed to December 4th?
CALLER: Yes, the one about the meeting change.
ME: Yes, I got it, thanks.
CALLER: Ok, good. Also, I just want to check that we have your correct e-mail address. Is it

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  1. Well, we don’t really need robots, human can be as brainless, apparently…
    sad, and sooo pathetic πŸ™

  2. Yeah, it reminds of the time somebody called me and asked me if my phone line was working… I remained speechless (or rather containing a big laught) until the guy realized he was asking the wrong question.

  3. My late grandfather tells a great story. Many years ago he apparently recived a letter through the post from his bank manager, asking if he would kindly inform the bank of his postal address.
    same thing, different age !

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