Back From Rio

I just arrived in Houston from Rio de Janeiro, and am waiting for my connecting flight to Detroit. I had no Internet access at all in Rio, the hotel was having ISP problems, dial-up kept dropping my connection, and there was no time to get online between meetings. So this is my first time online since Wednesday morning, and there is so much mail waiting that I cannot download it over a dial-up (and there is no high-speed or 802.11 in Houston International). Ugh.
The CFUG event in Rio went really well, there was so much interest and so many questions that we ran about an hour over schedule. Close to 100 attendees took part (most of whom had never attended the user group before), about 2/3 were CF users, and only 1/3 had Flash experience. Almost none of the CF users were using CFMX yet. This was a far more professional and formal feeling event than the one in Brasilia, it took the crowd a little time to warm up, but once they got going there was no stopping them. Incredible interest in CFMX (in particular, building hybrid CF/Java apps, and working with multiple instances of CF), and even greater interest in Flash MX Pro 2004 and using it to build CF clients. Thank you to long time CFer Marcello Frutig for putting it all together.
For a change I actually had a little time (as in an hour or so) for a quick tour of Rio. What an incredibly beautiful city; opening you hotel room curtains to reveal a gorgeous sunrise over the beach is a pretty awesome way to start a day. I’ll post pictures shortly (I am not going to attempt that over a dial-up). Unfortunately there was not time to go to the top of Suragloaf (or Pão de Açúcar), I’ll have to leave that for next time.
Oops, time to head to the gate …

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  1. Marco Antonio Gonçalves Avatar
    Marco Antonio Gonçalves

    Ben, congratulations on your superb presentation! It was great to have you in Rio talking to a much focused and interested audience. Forta in Rio really rocked!

  2. Marcello Frutig Avatar
    Marcello Frutig

    On behalf of CFUG-Rio and our local community I thank you for your great presentation. It was really great, and people will be talking about it for the following months. Have no doubts that the knowledge and seeds you left here yesterday will bring us new opportunities and achievements. Looking forward to see you again in Rio – Cidade Maravilhosa!

  3. Helios Avatar

    Ben, it has been a great opportunity to attend to your presentation. I´d like to ask you some. I had developed an application like you did in first example recently, using Flash MX 2004 Pro and CFMX, but I´ve used lots of actionscript to handle this. So, I´d like to ask you to put online those files (flash and cf) of the first example (database connection) if possible. Thanks again, and hope having you back in Rio in a close future. br, Helios.

  4. erik Avatar

    I know this is a sort of weird place to put this….but I am trying to run this code and can’t get it to work…
    I am trying to do an update alias method now…
    this is my code:
    <cfinvoke webservice="; method="updateAlias" returnvariable="aGenericResult">
    <cfinvokeargument name="authUserName" value=""/>
    <cfinvokeargument name="authPassword" value="my_password"/>
    <cfinvokeargument name="domainName" value=""/>
    <cfinvokeargument name="aliasName" value=""/>
    <cfinvokeargument name="addresses" value=""/>
    When I try this, I get this error:
    "Could not perform web service invocation "updateAlias" because java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch"
    Any thoughts anyone?

  5. Fernando da Silva Trevisan Avatar
    Fernando da Silva Trevisan

    Hi Ben, thanks for the great presentation!
    It was such an amazing opportunity, and I think you would be glad to know that what you said opened some thinkings and lighted some ideas here in my mind.
    Thanks for clarifing things, and sorry for the poor english, now and at the presentation 😉
    Best wishes!

  6. Marcos Villas Avatar
    Marcos Villas

    Ben, thanks for the very clear, simple and straightforward explanation of the "why thing work the way they do" and "to whom we are creating software architectures for". That was the kind of presentation that I like, balancing the “big picture” and the “nitty-gritty Details”, with nearly no questions left unanswered. Congratulations!

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