Hello from São Paulo

I arrived in São Paulo, Brazil, a few hours ago (and almost did not make it, my flight from Detroit to Newark was very late because of East Coast weather, and I had 20 minutes to make the connection which required changing terminals at Newark, and for the record, inter-terminal trams belong inside security, grrrr!) …
For those of you who have yet to visit this beautiful city, here is some trivia for you: São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city with a population of over 17,000,000 (making it the largest city in Latin America, too) and home to over 12% of Brazil’s population, the official language here is Portuguese (which sounds a bit like Spanish with a French accent), the climate is subtropical and weather here tends to be humid and sudden short rain showers are the norm, Brazilian currency is the Real (1 R$ is worth just under $3US), and the locals pronounce São as if it had an N at the end (kind of like “soun”).
I’ll be in Brazil until Thursday night, four days of demonstrations and meetings and presentations, it’s going to be tiring but lots of fun. It’s good to be back here.

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  1. Rogerio Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I hope you enjoyed the stay in São Paulo. I enjoyed your conference, but I must confess I was pretty bored with some issues I had that day:
    – due to heavy car traffic, I arrived late to the conference room, and missed my prefered presentation about CFMX and Java.
    – unfortunately the room had really bad acoustic. I could not hear and understand your. Lots of echoes, and besides that you could not see your ppt presentation as expected, since the datashow was too distant from wall, displaying a small screen with low resolution.
    – and I had to leave your presentation in the middle (you might remember me running out of the room) because I had an emergency call from a customer.
    Hope the next visit can be more enjoyable, at least for me. But your flash mx explanation about integrating with cfmx as server technology was superb.
    See you…

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