MAX CF Sessions Taking Shape Nicely

I’ve just finished reviewing all of the ColdFusion related MAX sessions, providing comments and critique where appropriate. I’ve been swamped the past few months, and was quite late in getting outline and draft feedback back to presenters, but I have finally caught up, and the presenters have been remarkably patient and understanding (even those of whom I requested significant changes). I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the ColdFusion content that we’ll be presenting, the quality is really good, and the topics are both balanced and diverse. In prior years there was some criticism about the lack of advanced topics, and we’ve got quite a few very advanced ones in the mix this year. We’ve also included some very focused topics (like Microsoft Office integration) which have been oft requested, but never included in the track mix thus far. If you have yet to sign up, conference info is at, the Server Side Development track (which includes ColdFusion) session list is at I hope to see you there! (And now I had better get to work writing my own session! Ugh!).

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