Love Bluetooth? You're In The Minority

I love Bluetooth. For me, Bluetooth support was the second most important feature when I chose my last cell phone (GSM coverage in as many countries as possible was number one). I use a Bluetooth headset (think cell phone earpiece but without any wires, dial and answer right from the little headset). I use my cell phone as a Bluetooth modem (over GPRS) so that I can get online when I am not near a network or an 802.11 hotspot or a land line. And I even use Bluetooth to synchronize my phone with my Outlook contact list. No wires, simple pairing procedure, and then it just works. What’s not to love?
I am guessing that most users just don’t know what Bluetooth can do for them. How else to explain the recent Jupiter Research survey in which a mere 7% of respondents ranked Bluetooth as important. Size was most important (34%, hey, size matters). But polyphonic ring tones in second place (19%)? Bluetooth was ranked only slightly more important than the ability to take and send photos.
It took a while for Bluetooth devices to start appearing, but now there are lots to choose from (including some rather bizarre ones, I just don’t get the appeal of using Bluetooth to control a toy car from my cell phone). Let’s hope the public gets educated quickly, I’d hate to see yet another great technology die of neglect.

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  1. Nick C Avatar
    Nick C

    bluetooth rules
    Bluetooth makes your phone another spoke in the digital hub.
    Sending sms from the computer keyboard is really satisfying. Try to use up all 150 characters each time!
    Controlling powerpoint presentations with the phone?
    Proximity sensor to turn up the volume when I leave the room!

  2. kai Avatar

    Bluetooth sure rules!
    Using a wireless headset with my nokia 3650 for speaking and connecting the cell with my bluetooth enabled IPAQ 5450 for surfing (my network provider offers a GPRS-WAP flat for 5 EUR) is great!

  3. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    You can now also bluetooth enable any Mac with a USB attachment for about $50.
    Would like to get it on my next phone.

  4. Mark W. Breneman Avatar
    Mark W. Breneman

    I too would hate to see this technology die of neglect. But, I think it is up to the manufactures to promote Bluetooth and differentiate it from WiFi and the cell phone makes "wireless" network “soup”.
    I run in to people all of the time that want "wireless" but have no clue what they are asking about.
    It took me a long time to shift through the marketing hype and "learn" that blue tooth was a "local cable replacement" not wireless networking or some form or a protocol for a cell phone.
    Bluetooth has an amazing amount of cool useful features and we have only scratched the surface. A friend of a friend just picked up a new Bluetooth phone and set it up to work with his ibook. He was working away and all of a sudden his phone rings; the ibook auto mutes the MP3 player and pops up a message asking if he wanted to answer the phone. After picking his jaw up from the table, he clicked yes, but to his surprise one again his ibook became a speaker phone. He very quickly got rid of the caller so he could play more with the phone and Bluetooth interaction with the ibook.
    I can’t wait to get a new phone.

  5. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Out of interest which cell phone provider do you use? I can’t seem to find any that offer bluetooth phones.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I am on AT&T’s GSM network, and they have several Bluetooth phones. I have the Sony Ericsson t68.

  7. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Thanks Ben. AT&T seem to be only provider selling bluetooth phones.

  8. ian Hobbs Avatar
    ian Hobbs

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  9. mike Avatar

    ive been working on a product for bluetooth enabled gprs cell phones. i wont be able to talk about it for a while but im sure you guys will all love it.
    anyway, the problem with bluetooth cell phones is that there is no "killer app" which uses them. all the devices you guys speak of are either useless to most people or way to expensive for the average consumer. that is one deadly combination and it is why bluetooth hasnt really taken off yet.
    ben, have you had any problems with the t68? i only ask because that thing has the worst rf section of all the cell phones ive dealt with. sometimes its a major pain in the butt to get it to pair. also, it uses some really wierd qos options by default…

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mike, no, have not had that problem. My only problem thus far (aside from the two headsets that dies on me) is that the slider control on the left is dead, it slides up and down uselessly like it is not attached to anything. It’s annoying as that controls call volume.

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