Brazil, Here I Come

It’s been a while since I was last in Brazil, and so I’m excited to announce that I’ll be visiting South America’s largest country again in October (I have been craving a genuine caipirinha, but that is not the primary objective for the trip, I promise). The trip will be during the week of October 27th, and this time I’ll drop by São Paulo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro. I don’t have event specifics yet, but I’ll post those to my homepage as soon as I do. I look forward to seeing you there!

6 responses to “Brazil, Here I Come”

  1. Marlos Carmo Avatar
    Marlos Carmo

    The caipirinha it’s very good. We’re waiting for you.

  2. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Ben, this will a great opportunity! Many thanks for coming!
    Just for you to crave even more:
    And it can be done with peaches, strawberries and etc, etc… Many ways! hic…

  3. Marcos Placoná Avatar
    Marcos Placoná

    Very good Ben, finally you decided to come here lol :o)
    After lots of time that I ask you to come here, I think that now it will be true.
    And.. lets drink lots and lots caipirinha made by the genuine Brazilian "cachaça".

  4. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Shhh…. or people will think Ben is comming to participate on our AA meetings… 😉
    BTW: brazilians are know as very "clean" and competent programmers, let’s preserve the image folks! huic.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I’ll confess …
    The last time I was in Brazil I checked in to my hotel, and asked for them to deliver a caipirinha to my room while still checking in. It was the very first thing I did upon arrival, even before plugging in my laptop. 🙂

  6. Rogerio Avatar

    Hi Forta!
    Welcome back to Brazil! We will be waiting you in the airport with lots of "caipirinhas", so you can enjoy our good things as soon as anyone can even dream…
    About your stay here and your presentations, I would like to hear from you something related to Java for CF developers.
    I know that Max 2003 had a workshop or tutorial named "Java for ColdFusion Developers" that was quite a successfull event. I would also enjoy it a lot, since I am an enthusiastic CF developer that wants to leverage my Java skills without leaving the CF world.
    Hope you can add this tutorial in your agenda!
    See you in October!

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