Dreamweaver Without Sites

One of the Dreamweaver “features” that us CFers complained loudly about was the need to define a site to be able to do anything. Unlike ColdFusion Studio which allowed you to browse an FTP or RDS connection for files, Dreamweaver required that a local site be created and that edits be made locally and then uploaded to the server (not a bad process in truth, but still one that gets in the way at times). Dreamweaver MX 2004 solves this problem. It’s a little buried, but …
Go to the Manage Sites dialog and click New. You’ll be prompted for “Site” or “FTP & RDS Server”. Select the second option, fill in the form, and save the server definition. You’ll now be able to select that server and edit files directly over FTP and RDS, just as you could in ColdFusion Studio.

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  1. Critter Avatar

    It seems though, when you save one file, even if you are connected via RDS, that it uploads a whole slew of files….else I am doing this wrong, which cannot be ruled out.

  2. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    I’m seeing the same thing with FTP connections. I click to save A, and I see DW saying it’s updating other files as well. That scares the _hell_ out of me.

  3. Marcos Placoná Avatar
    Marcos Placoná

    Sure, and the process is very very slow. Here I have 512mb memory, and I think that the process could be more faster isn’t it?
    Marcos Placoná

  4. Jim Avatar

    I know that Dreamweaver has a feature that can be selected, usually on the fly, to include dependent files. Could that be why it is taking so long to save a file over a remote connection, or just your Internet connection speed maybe.

  5. Jeffrey Moeller Avatar
    Jeffrey Moeller

    RDS wouldn’t work for me when connecting to CF5 with DW MX 2003. I have no problem with an evaluation copy of studio 4.5
    The problem could be as described at the URL

  6. tb Avatar

    Has anyone worked out how to search an entire rds site with dw ? The nice extended search from homesite ?
    Well , and if some one knows how to stop this dependencies uploading,……

  7. dcronk Avatar

    Just to bring this up again…is there any solution to using DW FTP without having to deal with the dependent files? There seems to be no way to disable this option!

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    dcronk, as far as I know, no, there is not.

  9. dcronk Avatar

    Thanks, Ben. That’s a shame.

  10. Brian Avatar

    This "feature" actually sometimes "helps" me by copying images and files to the incorrect locations when since it does not understand server mappings to folders. Argg. we need to be able to "dumb down" dreamweaver. Sometimes I just want to edit a page without all the bells and whistles. homesite/cf studio do not support utf-8 so I have few options with MM.

  11. Jonas Rothfuchs Avatar
    Jonas Rothfuchs

    Hy Ben, donno if you may answer to this realy old topic, but I have a urge need to reawake it.
    I’m pointing to the Dreamweaver-FTP-Depend-Files Issue. This thing is really gonna make me nuts.
    I’m working with Dreamweaver 8 since it’s release, and I fairly hoped that this ashaming issue would be solve by changing from mx 2004 or even mx to DW 8.
    In the begining everything worked fine, I checked both settings,so that DW would ask me everytime if he should move depend files too or not (working ina ftp-only-site) and as far as I had seen this, he made.
    But recently I noticed that coworkers where complaining about old file versions on the Live System, and after doing a lil homework I found out that DW 8 really loves to put files in background too that he’s thinking they’re depend EVEN without asking me for permission while this setting is still set to "ASK FIRST". (especially CSS-Files)
    I’ve searched the web for a solution, but found nothing than other ppl crying about the same thing, throwing their DW’s away.
    Is there really really NO solution for this Issue? I can’t rather belive that a Company like Macromedia/Adobe ignore this fatal bug in DW even for Versions…
    would be Glad to get an Answer from you.
    p.s: I planned to ask you this personally in Zürich, but unfortunately I don’t managed to show up on the presentation this time..
    Greets Jonas Rothfuchs

  12. Kyle McKenzie Avatar
    Kyle McKenzie

    This helped me. Just wanted to share…

  13. James Morrow Avatar
    James Morrow

    The problem is….. that doesn’t work. I’ve checked and unchecked these boxes, and I can’t get freaking Dreamweaver to stop trying to save the dependent files everytime, which is a serious pain in the neck – many times I’m saving files that I’ve got checked out from VSS, and have no need to save or check out the dependent files – so I’m stuck clicking through a series of "save failed" dialog boxes every time I save a file. It’s driving me nuts.
    How can this issue be ignored from 2004 to the present – doesn’t this drive DW users nuts?

  14. Jonas Rothfuchs Avatar
    Jonas Rothfuchs

    TBH James, it seems they really can afford it, as it seems that the Dreamweaver Comunity still is big enough that they just released another version (which btw, has still the same Problems…)
    To be completely honest, I thnik this will never be changed, as Macromedia is now Adobe and well…. guess it will be the same as with the nested cfoutput/cfloop Problem in Coldfusion….
    maybe Ben remember when I asked him about this bug on a meeting when every single programmer in the room knew what I ment, but Ben seemed not to :))

  15. Sung Woo Avatar
    Sung Woo

    Is this problem still not resolved? I open up a file that has a few cfincludes and css includes, and it saves them all, every time. It’s crazy!

  16. Sung Woo Avatar
    Sung Woo

    I found the answer folks — go back to HomeSite 5.5! That’s what I’m doing.

  17. Bob Avatar

    I am running DW9 CS3 and DW10? CS4 BOTH of which still exibit this really really nasty behavior. Everything was good, until you start sharing work loads with other workers,
    your local version gets out of synch with remote, and the dependent files overwrite the
    sites files. This is just mind numbing to me, that I cannot turn off this Dependent File
    problem. Really, this has to be one of the most bizarre behaviors in a development environment I have seen. It is costing many many thousands man-hours of work around the globe I would bet, and does not reflect upone Adobe well. Would it just not not make sense to make a simple preference that disables dependent file processing all together ?? I am going to drop DW all together because of this. It has cost me too much time and effort.. Seriously, someone needs to get this fixed asap, your losing seasoned developers over this.

  18. Marthinus Avatar

    Tried to install Dreamweaver 5.5 but it crashes on startup. Re-installed 10 times!!! Running XP Pro. Can’t get rid of the dependent files issue in DW either. This cost me a full days work today. I was working on one file and DW in it’s wisdom downloaded all the dependent files. I saved (FTP) the file I was working on and in the process my Internet connection died. I reconnected and got a whole slew of errors from DW. Retried and then re-tried to get the files save until DW gave a timeout. I closed DW and rebooted my PC. I was working remotely and had to do something urgently on the server. I was connecting with 3G. Once I got in again more than 7 files were gone!!!!! not on the server. not on my pc.. GONE!!!!
    This is now costing the site to be down, find the previous days backups and in the process losing all the work that was done in the past 24 hours!!!
    THANKS ADOBE!!! Thanks for a crap program (DW). Thanks for a crap program (Homesite). The only editor that worked properly for me was CF Studio. Then Macromedia was sold to ADOBE and as usual they screwed it up.
    Dreamweaver is being uninstalled from 32 developers tomorrow. I will work on notepad if I have to.
    If anyone knows of a viable alternative to these crap pieces of software junk, please let me know.

  19. Tristan Avatar

    when I first installed it prompted me asking if I wanted to automatically save dependency files.
    Now that I’ve changed my mind(rather quickly) I can’t change it back either. this is fnbs.

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