RegEx: Match and Validate an IP Address

I am a night person, the wee hours are when I get most inspired. Here’s a regular expression I wrote last night, um, make that this morning. It matches an IP address, and also ensures that the values are within the allowed range (0-255).

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  1. tc Avatar

    One added feature for CF, I would like to see is a MATCHES function (using Regular Expressions). In CFMX, I go around the server and use Java’s built-in matches method, but one has to make sure they cast the variable to a string object (numbers are often cast to Integers or Number ojbects instead of strings). Where it comes in handy is when I am attempting to validate input on the server side (e.g., validate a phone number, SSN, or other non-standard variable types, like your IP address expression).

  2. Sutton Avatar

    Nice RE!!!

  3. dirt Avatar

    IP addresses cannot have zero by itself in the first octet. I’d give you a corrected RE if I knew it. Still looking…

  4. Brad Younie Avatar
    Brad Younie

    Although it’s great, all in all, I did find one hole in the RE. It seems to let me enter numbers of 4 digits and higher. That is, it will not let me enter 256, but it will let me enter 10000. I wish I knew what to add to fix it, but I can’t think of it right now.
    I thought I’d let you know.

  5. sprion Avatar

    perhaps this is better:

  6. sprion Avatar

    my mistake.

  7. duke Avatar


  8. Bruce Avatar

    duke – What was that about? :p
    sprion – I messed up similarly my first time too 🙂
    Bruce Byford

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