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Ever since the MX 2004 announcement, lots of you have been asking about HomeSite wanting to know if that product is being upgraded too. You’ll be pleased to know that HomeSite 5.5 is in the works. Information can be found at the HomeSite homepage at, new features are listed at HomeSite 5.5 will be available as a standalone product (priced at $99) or included with Dreamweaver MX 2004 (priced at $199). Upgrade options will be available too.

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  1. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Excellent Smithers.

  2. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    but still, HomeSite+ is only available thru Dreamweaver.
    Sorry, but this still stinks. Yes, I know that buying DW to get HomeSite+ is less expensive than previously purchasing CF Studio…and it might sound trite, but the fact of the matter is I don’t want Dreamweaver, and don’t feel that I should have to purchase it to get HomeSite+.
    In bundling HomeSite+ with DW this way, MM has no accurate gauge whatsoever of how many people prefer HomeSite+ over Dreamweaver.
    Sorry, but MM’s still making me feel like the red-headed step child coder. Sure, they throw me a bone in the form of HomeSite+ …but I have to buy the designer’s too (DW) to get it.

  3. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    HomeSite 5.5 will be available as a standalone product (priced at $99) OR (please not it again: OR) included with Dreamweaver MX 2004 (priced at $199).
    Said that I believe Macromedia is giving exactly the opposite of your empty complains.

  4. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    My understanding is that HomeSite+ will be available on the DW MX cd. NOT HomeSite 5.5.
    If I’ve misunderstood, then I stand corrected. If I’ve not, then I don’t believe my ‘complains’ are empty.
    Care to confirm?

  5. Tarantor Avatar

    I also wonder if there is a oppotunity to save file in UTF-8 format such as in DW MX?
    I am a CF Studio fun but just because of could not using unicode support on Homesite+, I use DWMX now.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    You are correct, HomeSite+ is included with DW, HS is available standalone. And yes, that does mean that you need to pay $199 instead of $99, but I think you are forgetting that back in CF Studio days CFS used to cost $300 (or was it $400?).

  7. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    I’m not sure, but in Brazilian Reais was much more than 400 bucks!! Not to mention the taxes and (ouch…) the importation fees.
    Charlie, sorry for been rude, but the fact of matter is that I’m quite excited by this release. Not to mention that I’m very pleasured to see that DWMX 2004 (still on beta) fill some of our old claims from the MX version. This makes it a very good canditade for a final dev environment. Let’s see!

  8. David K Avatar
    David K

    Will the version of Homesite+ that comes with DW2004 be feature equivalent to Homesite 5.5?

  9. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    I understand that you’re excited by DW (both current and upcoming), and that’s fine. You are entitled to be ecstatic, just as I am entitled to be disappointed. No hard feelings here.
    I’m just sharing my opinions (and yes, i know people are tired of hearing the ‘coders’ complaining. fact of the matter is we still just miss our lean code-based IDE).
    FWIW, I have tried DWMX. Figured I could configure it to look as much like CF Studio as possible. IMO, it was still a very bloated program that sucked down way too much system resources. I understand that others like and use these features. Unfortunately, I am not among that group.
    As far as buying DWMX to get HS+, and DWMX being cheaper than CF Studio, I do realize that (and addressed that above). I think if people were able to purchase HS+ seperately, that would be like allowing them (me, us, whatever) to ‘cast a vote’ so to speak.
    To sum up…I love CF, I love the integration of Flash and CF…I loved my IDE, and I’m sad to see it gone.
    </flogging a dead horse> 🙂

  10. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    ok…not quite done flogging i guess…but on the flip side of my argument/concerns…
    very interesting response to a discussion of the same nature.
    frankly, when somebody like Sean (by that, meaning somebody who is definitely a code person) endorses DW…it does make me want to give DW another shot.
    he does make some excellent points (damn!).

  11. Faser Avatar

    Charlie, I completly agree with you.
    I really don’t understand why I can’t buy only HS+.
    The fact that CFS costed more than DW+HS+ doesn’t mean nothing.
    I correct, I mean that HS+ could be sell less than old CFS, and that’s would be great. What MM doesn’t understand is that there are people who are happy with CFS/HS and don’t want to change for nothing.
    Unfortunately HS 5.5 is only a small maintainance release 🙁
    I think it’s time to move on finding another good editor. IMHO HomeSite is in a dead line, and MM said this very well. For MM DW is the only way to go, their marketing, articles, forums, improvements etc are only for DW. I suppose they mantain HS/HS+ because they hope you will switch to DW sooner or later.

  12. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Faser, don’t be DW then. Buy HomeSite+ and ignore the free Dreamweaver that comes with it. 🙂
    David, there will be a HomeSite 5.5 and a HomeSite+ 5.5. The latter is what is included with Dreamweaver, and it has all the new features of 5.5 but the differences of +.

  13. Brian Sadler Avatar
    Brian Sadler

    I’m aware that HS5.5+ is bundled with DW and HS5.5 standalone is… well a standalone product but what’s the difference between these two "versions"? What does the plus version have that the non-plus version doesn’t? I must confess I am beginning to feel a bity non-plussed myself!

  14. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta


  15. Daniel Hoviss Avatar
    Daniel Hoviss

    Since CF studio is dead, but Home Site still lives on (as both a bundled and separate version), why don’t we all move on and develop a wish list for Home site 6. I for one, want all the features of cf studio 5x restored to the home site line, realizing that this may compete directly with DWMX 2004x somewhat. But what the hell – that’s what I would rather use to do straight code. Its great getting both in the package, lets make it better!

  16. Anandamide Avatar

    MM needs class action lawsuit for its handling of DW/HS.

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