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in CFMX 6.1 has been dramatically enhanced. Changes include support for multiple mail delivery threads, SMTP server redundancy, SMTP logins, and more. I created a short Breeze presentation (under 10 minutes) to explain this new features and technologies. Feel free to view it (and listen to it) at

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  1. Dmitry Avatar

    Is there a way in 6.1 to set a return-path variable if I want the bounced mails to be sent to firrent address which appears in ‘from’ field?
    I would need this so that email would apper to be sent by client but I will collect and report on all the bounces.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    There is a FAILTO attribute which can be used to specify the address to which failure notifications should be sent.

  3. Edward Rynearson Avatar
    Edward Rynearson

    Thanks, I had the same question. This blog is a greate resource Ben.

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