Free Hosting For CF Community and User Group Sites

German Macromedia partner Interlake GmbH is graciously offering free ColdFusion and Flash Comm Server hosting to any ColdFusion community or user group sites. They have also created a Flash Comm application that can be branded and used by user groups to broadcast meetings. To learn more visit, or contact Sven Slazenger at

2 responses to “Free Hosting For CF Community and User Group Sites”

  1. Roger Benningfield Avatar
    Roger Benningfield

    Ben: I haven’t mentioned it much, but for the record, CF/Flash/whatever developers can find free blog hosting in JournURL’s MXBlogspace community. And CFUGs are as free to join in as individuals.

  2. Oguz Demirkapi Avatar
    Oguz Demirkapi

    Our Turkish ColdFusion User Group ( site is also on servers.
    Great service & performance !
    Thanks Sven !

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