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A user asked me for a list of the various online exams hosted on my site, so I threw an exam listing page together at Old (as in updated) exams are listed too, as are exams I host for other authors (the Flash ones). If you are feeling brave, try the ColdFusion MX exam. And enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Jesse Houwing Avatar
    Jesse Houwing

    Just a few comments,
    I liek the exam, though I seem to score quite randomly between 60% and 80% 🙂
    There are (as far as I can tell) a few errors though:
    * MIME is no mail protocol, IMAP is
    * The method of creating an URL variable is ambigious, it could be to add a variable to the url scope, or to add a variable to a href in HTML.
    * hitting back and correcting your answer seems to completely confuse the application
    * I got a 404 not found on exam.cfm about 8 times in three exams…

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