Three More CFUGs Added to Summer Tour

Three more locations added to my summer US user group tour, two locations in CA and one in TX. Dates and locations are posted on my home page. If you’re in the area (or rather, if I’m in your area), make sure to come by and say “hi”.

2 responses to “Three More CFUGs Added to Summer Tour”

  1. Steve Parks Avatar
    Steve Parks

    I’m an active member in the Houston CFUG as well as an active member in other CF Communities (CFDJ author, certified advanced CF developer and certified CF instructor). We’re looking forward to meeting with you this summer.
    By the way, I’ve received several new web hosting customers via your website. Thanks for the publicity.

  2. Daniel Corbin Avatar
    Daniel Corbin

    I caught your presentation at the DC CFUG and thought it was great. I highly suggest developers in CA and TX attend if you’re in their town.

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