It happened, the first “porting” problem reported to me by a user. Last week I moved my sites from a Windows 2000 box to Linux 8 running Apache 2.4. The move was about us painless as can be (with the exception of having to rename a few copies of application.cfm to Application.cfm). Today a user in the Netherlands informed me that one of my lesser used pages was throwing a error. The problem? Case-sensitivity, on Linux (well, any platform but Windows) is case-sensitive. Ugh! The moral of the story? Keep case of file names and their references consistent, even if you are running on Windows for now. Just in case.

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  1. I just set up a linux box a month ago for the first time…..
    I found my SESSION vars weren’t being set…
    After farting around for a couple of minutes, I realized that my application.cfm page needed "A"… lesson well learned.

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