We're Back Up

First real problem on the Linux box. Sites were down for most of Sunday (and early Monday). Somehow Apache stopped running, it seems that a module was not at the version level that it required. (I am still trying to work out how this happened, I did update some RPMs last week, but if that caused this then I can’t explain why it took Apache several days to complain). The fix involved refreshing the Apache RPM and then reapplying the CF connector. Not good. But, we’re back up at least.

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  1. William Dent Avatar
    William Dent

    Ben, What version of Apache? was it a straight version or a SSL version such as stronghold? I ask because I have some strange error messages popping up in the error logs.
    [Tue Jul 8 15:08:13 2003] [notice] jrApache[3087] returning error page for -12 Unknown error 4294967284
    [Tue Jul 8 15:08:13 2003] [notice] jrApache[3087] proxy_handleRequest failed with error code: -12
    [Tue Jul 8 15:08:13 2003] [notice] jrApache[3087] JRun handleRequestWithIndex failed.

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