Summer 2003 User Group Tour

We’ve finally nailed down dates for my summer US user group tour. So far we have East Coast dates (NY, PA, DC, MA) and Midwest dates (MI, OH, MN) posted. West Coast dates are still being finalized. Dates and locations are posted on my home page. If you’re in the area (or rather, if I’m in your area), make sure to come by and say “hi”.

3 responses to “Summer 2003 User Group Tour”

  1. Craig Rosenblum Avatar
    Craig Rosenblum

    I am glad you are coming back to minnesota, this will be the 3rd time, I”ve seen you at our local cfug.

  2. David Franco Avatar
    David Franco

    Any dates lined up for Chicago? Saw you the last time you were here…really gave me a head-start on components.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    No Chicago this time around, sorry. Best bet is to ask your local CFUG manager to talk to the CFUG folks within MM, they set up the schedule for me.

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