Macromedia Flash MX Data Connection Kit – Powered by ColdFusion

Macromedia recently released Macromedia Flash MX Data Connection Kit, a Macromedia Flash MX add-on designed to simplify building rich data front ends in Macromedia Flash. To introduce you to the new Data Connection Kit, and to jump-start using this new tool, I wrote an artile ( for the Macromedia DevNet site. Build a complete application with me – using ColdFusion MX on the back end and the Data Connection Kit on the front end.

2 responses to “Macromedia Flash MX Data Connection Kit – Powered by ColdFusion”

  1. David Maldima Avatar
    David Maldima

    Your article gave the jump-start that I really need Thanks alot, but got stuck when I tried to insert or update a [date] field, pls help me out if you can.
    there is also an error in line 99 of users.cfc ( [from] is missing from the statement).

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Not sure how that FROM disappeared, but I’ll get it put back in. Thanks.

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