Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes - Fourth Edition

  • ISBN: 0672336073
  • Pages: 276
  • Publisher: Sams - November 4, 2012

As much as I'd like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes - Fourth Edition. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I'll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Page 19

Location: Paragraph following the OUTPUT block: 14 rows
Error: Should be: 9 rows
Location: Paragraph following the OUTPUT block: 14 products
Error: Should be: 9 products

Page 20

Location: First paragraph, "only four rows"
Error: Should be: only three rows
Location: Caution block, words: "unless both"
Error: Should be: "because both"

Page 22

Location: Second ANALYSIS block, second sentance
Error: Should be: The first number is the number of rows to retrieve, and the second number is where to start.

Page 23

Location: TIP
Error: This TIP applies to SQLite as well
Location: Tip, second sentence
Error: Should be: "Using this syntax, the value before the , is the OFFSET and the value after the , is the LIMIT."
Location: Bullet at bottom of page, "SQL statement grow"
Error: Should be: SQL statements grow

Page 24

Location: First bullet, "at the top of SQL file"
Error: Should be "at the top of the SQL file"
Location: First paragraph after bullets, "We'll Start"
Error: Should be: We'll start
Location: Second bullet, words "so that MariaDB"
Error: Should be: "so that the DBMS"

Page 41

Location: Second INPUT block, "FROM CUSTOMERS"
Error: Should be: FROM Customers

Page 56

Location: TIP, closing WHERE clause
Error: Should be: WHERE email LIKE ''

Page 58

Location: Note, first line: describes
Error: Should be: described

Page 62

Location: Final paragraph, "The reports wants"
Error: Should be: The report wants

Page 63

Location: First paragraph, "the three columns"
Error: Should be: the two columns

Page 64

Location: Third bullet, "state stored"
Error: Should be: country stored

Page 79

Location: Input block at top of page, 2012 in WHERE clause.
Error: Should be: '2012'

Page 83

Location: Caution block.
Error: Add the following to the caution. "The exception to this is when returning a single value that is calculated from multiple columns, as will be explained later in this lesson."

Page 107

Location: INPUT block, middle SELECT statement: FROM Order
Error: Should be: FROM Orders

Page 109

Location: Paragraph beginning, "The WHERE clause", words "column names, instead of"
Error: Should be: column names; instead of

Page 111

Location: CAUTION block, 5th line, text "if you"
Error: Should be: if your

Page 120

Location: First paragraph, "as the preceding example"
Error: Should be: as an earlier example

Page 126

Location: Paragraph beginning "So far", "You'll Now take a look at"
Error: Should be: You'll now look at

Page 127

Location: Analysis section, last line: "Subqeries"
Error: Should be: Subqueries

Page 131

Location: CAUTION block, first line, words LEFT OUT JOIN
Error: Should be: LEFT OUTER JOIN

Page 143

Location: NOTE block, first line
Error: Missing a . after word UNION

Page 164

Location: First paragraph, third line. "that You"
Error: Should be: that you

Page 183

Location: Note, "was a rather"
Error: Should be: is rather

Page 199

Location: Last paragraph, "what transactions processing is"
Error: Should be: what transaction processing is

Page 201

Location: First paragraph, last line, "undo then"
Error: Should be: undo them

Page 205

Location: NOTE block, first line, words "does support"
Error: Should be: does not support

Page 210

Location: INPUT block
Error: ANALYSIS refers to a ... placeholder, but it is missing from the code snippet.

Page 215

Location: First INPUT block, line beginning vend_zip
Error: This line is missing its trailing , character

Page 221

Location: INPUT block: ON PRODUCTS
Error: Should be: ON Products

Page 230

Location: Paragraph beginning "The SQL statements", words "these file"
Error: Should be: these files

Page 235

Location: Step 2, "available database"
Error: Should be: available databases

Page 241

Location: "Using Oracle" step 1, "using provided"
Error: Should be: using the provided
Location: Using Oracle section, item 2, words "Before you can any"
Error: Should be: Before you can use any

Page 242

Location: Using Oracle Express Step 4, "enter and text SQL"
Error: Should be: enter any SQL text

Page 254

Location: Paragraph beginning "Fixed length", words "padded with spaces or nulls"
Error: Should be: padded with spaces

Page 263

Location: TAPE
Error: Should be: TYPE

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