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Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Is your site mobile friendly? Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool to find out. And yes, this site is, thanks to responsive design.

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Sarah Hunt On Effective Infographics

Infographics are all the rage, and some are very effective while others (most?) aren't. Our own Sarah Hunt wrote an article for entitled 3 ways to design an infographic that stands out from the crowd.

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99U Conference 2014 Tickets On Sale

99U Conference 2014 will be May 1st and 2nd in NYC. Tickets are on sale now.

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Jeremy Waite On The 80 Rules Of Social Media

Jeremy Waite is Adobe EMEA's Head of Social Media Strategy. Jeremy recently created an Infographic entitled The 80 Rules Of Social Media. This one is truly thought provoking and well worth reading. Heck, print it out and hang it on your wall.

My favorites is #12. No, it's #71. Or maybe it's #66. Argh, I can't decide!

So, what's yours?

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Vincent Hardy On Open Source Involvement

Our own Vincent Hardy has written an article for Website Magazine entitled Why Do Developers Contribute to Open Source Projects?.

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99U's Pop-Up School

Behance is bringing 99U's first-ever Pop-Up School to NYC, offering training, workshops, and skill-building focused on three topics that are essential to making an impact with your ideas: career development, entrepreneurship, and brand & digital strategy. The first 99U Pop-Up School will be September 18th - 21st, 2013, and registration is now open.

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Blast From The Distant Past

Someone just sent me this link they have discovered, the original spec for vCalendar, The Electronic Calendaring and Scheduling Exchange Format Version 1.0, circa 1996. Contributors include representatives from all sorts of organizations (many long gone) including AT&T, Attachmate, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Lotus, Novell, Netscape, ON Technology, Oracle, Starfish Software, and more, and contributor #14 on the list is yours truly.

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Welcome To The New

With any luck (and with the cooperation of the DNS gods) you should be reading this on my new and improved personal web site. This is the first complete redesign of this site in over a decade, and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.

This site has evolved slowly (OK, it's worse than that, I know) for more than a decade. It started out as a resource for ColdFusion developers, and then turned into a support site for my books. And now it's both, and more, and perhaps most importantly, it's a playground for me to keep playing with coding, development ideas, and new technologies. Or at least that's what I had been trying to convince myself. The reality is that the site was stuck in a time warp, the web circa late '90s or so, complete with nested tables for all layout and alignment, embedded font tags and explicit sizing, images containing formatted text, ugly sprawling JavaScript that I had little control over ... you get the idea. And honestly, I did start work on a revamped site more than once. But between the back-end code, the design, the weight of pages, and more, I never seemed to like where I ended up, and so, well, the old site worked and so it lived on. Until today.

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Yes, It Is A Big Deal

An acquaintance apparently saw my exuberantly gushing Curiosity posts and tweets, and IMd me with "that big a deal, huh?".

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to respond, how to capture the pride and emotion and admiration. But, I tried to do just that, and this is what I sent back:

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Tarmac Delay Rule Shocker - NOT!

Back when the tarmac delay rule went into effect I predicted that this rule would fall victim to the Law of Unintended Consequences and that airlines will do the only thing they can do, they'll cancel flights earlier or more often (that copied and pasted from an April 2010 blog post).

And so I was not in the least bit surprised to see the report from the US Government Accountability Office proclaim that our analysis has shown that the rule appears to be associated with an increased number of cancellations for thousands of additional passengers - far more than DOT initially predicted - including some who might not have experienced a tarmac delay.

I know I shouldn't say "I told you so", but ...

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