ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot Fix Available

ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot Fix 1 has been released to fix three reported bugs.

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  • Brad Wood

    Ben, what's the best way to report some issues I had downloading the hotfix in IE?


    #1Posted by Brad Wood | Jul 18, 2011, 02:52 PM
  • Hemant

    You can leave a comment on CF blog or message me on @khandelwalh on twitter and I can share my id to get details.

    #2Posted by Hemant | Jul 22, 2011, 02:18 AM
  • Christian N. Abad


    I am unable to get the Hot Fix to install correctly on my stand-alone instance of ColdFusion Builder 2 instance that's running on my 64-Bit Windows 7 SP 1 workstation.

    When I download and double-click the installer, it decompresses the package contents into my TEMP directory, and then just quits... (Literally, the "InstallAnywhere..." window that opens when I double-click the installer closes when the status bar reaches 100%. Nothing else seems to happen. Period.)

    What can I do to troubleshoot? Are there any installation logs to look at? (Perhaps something specific to InstallAnywhere?) NOTE: I have reviewed all of the Windows logs (e.g. Event Viewer) and don't see anything related to ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot Fix 1 at all...

    Also, is there a way to manually run the Hot Fix after it has been decompressed into my TEMP directory?

    Bottom Line - I really need install this Hot Fix, since I cannot use the broken Search and Replace feature that's fixed in this release (FYI: That's BUG # 2918920)...

    Please Help!

    Thanks in Advance!