AT&T Product Renewal Powered By ColdFusion

I was just filling in a form to renew an AT&T business line I have, and was pleased to find the process all powered by ColdFusion.

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  • todd sharp

    AT&T uses ColdFusion a ton internally as well - for many years now.

  • Ben Forta

    Yes they do, but this one is public facing which is why I posted it. :-)

    --- Ben

    #2Posted by Ben Forta | Jul 9, 2009, 04:52 PM
  • todd sharp

    Of course - sorry Ben, hope to didn't sound like you weren't aware. Was just adding on to spread the word.

  • Andy Sandefer

    Chase bank uses CF to power its Chase Debit Card Rewards Catalog and Points Redemption program.

  • angkasuwan

    good to hear a behemoth like att is on board.