Toronto Wraps My Usergroup Presentations

Last night I presented ColdFusion, Flex, and more to a joint meeting of the local Flex and ColdFusion groups. The group took a little while to warm up, but then really got going. The session ran over 2 hours and was highly interactive.

Big winners were spreadsheet integration, ORM, Bolt extensions, and the data connectivity in Flash Builder 4. We also got into a lively and heated tangent conversation about the AS3 server proof-of-concept shown during the MAX sneaks last year (the crowd was lobbying heavily to turn this into a product).

Last night wrapped my scheduled usergroups presentations, for now.

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Comments (2)

  • Joeflash

    > the crowd was lobbying heavily to turn this into a product

    As one of the people that was there... I'll second that! :)

    The pres focused a little too much on CF for my liking, but then it was a joint CF & Flex UG meeting, oh well. On the whole it was great, learned a lot, and yeah you do talk fast but I liked it: better than caffeine, and never a boring moment! (And there were some great prizes too ;)

    Thanks for such a great presentation Ben, and for listening to us pixel pushers in the trenches... you're awesome dude!

    #1Posted by Joeflash | Jun 26, 2009, 05:28 PM
  • JoeCF

    Ben, thank you for the awesome presentation. Looking forward to CF9.
    And to Joeflash, no there was not too much CF :).
    There is never enough CF.

    #2Posted by JoeCF | Jun 26, 2009, 07:47 PM