Blog posts made on 27-Oct-09
ColdFusion 9 Supports Digitally Signed E-Mail

A user just e-mailed me asking how to digitally sign e-mail messages sent using ColdFusion <cfmail> tag. Well, as it so happens, this was just added as a feature to ColdFusion 9. You can now specify the following, both as defaults in ColdFusion Administrator, and as <cfmail>attributes:

  • KEYALIAS - Alias specifying which certificate and private key within the keystore to use.
  • KEYPASSWORD - Password for your private key.
  • KEYSTORE - Path to the keystore containing the private key and certificate.
  • KEYSTOREPASSWORD - Exactly as the name suggests.
  • SIGN - TRUE/FALSE flag specifying whether or not to digitally sign generated e-mail.
There you go, in case you needed it, one more reason to upgrade!

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