Blog posts made on 25-Mar-08
São Paulo Was Great, Next Up Is Brasília

I just wrapped two jam-packed days in São Paulo. Yesterday started early, my flight from the U.S. landed at 6am, I got picked up from the airport at 7am, arrived at the Adobe office at 9am, in time for my first meeting at 10:0am. Then back-to-back meetings and presentations (and even a video shoot) until after 9pm! I asked the local team to fully utilize my time in Brazil, and they took my request really seriously!

This morning I presented Flex 3, AIR, and Data Services at a 3 hour launch event. Almost 200 people filled the room, and another 150 joined in via Connect from 5 other Brazilian cities (ones I'll not be visiting). As I have come to expect from the crowd in São Paulo, the event was lively, highly interactive (despite the language barrier), and I did not even get through all of my prepared content. This was my 5th trip to São Paulo, and the city has never disappointed me.

It's now after 11pm local time, and we just arrived in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Tomorrow morning we host a similar launch event here, and then I'll meet with several customers and partners before flying to Rio de Janeiro to do it all again there on Thursday.

If you plan to attend the events in Brasília or Rio de Janeiro, here are details.

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