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ColdFusion 8 Performance Numbers

ColdFusion 8 is fast, really fast, and in the CFUnited keynote this morning I presented some actual numbers (all reported as requests per second, the higher the number the more load the server can handle):

  • Structure manipulation: CF6.1=99, CF7=101, CF8=200. In other words, CF8 manipulated structures twice as fast as CF6 and 7.
  • List manipulation: CF6.1=33.6, CF7=34.4, CF8=103.4. CF8 list manipulation is over three times faster than that of CF6 and 7.
  • CFSWITCH/CFCASE: CF6.1=66.2, CF7=88.9, CF8=244.4. CF8 is three times faster than CF7.
  • CFPARAM: CF6.1=8.9, CF7=9.6, CF8=341.4. Yep, thirty five times as fast!
  • Date functions: CF6.1=230, CF7=251, CF8=1423. About six times faster in CF8.
  • RegEx functions: CF6.1=390, CF7=392, CF8=987. Over double the speed in CF8.
  • IsDefined(): CF6.1=136, CF7=611, CF8=1243. Double as fast as CF7, and nearly ten times the speed of CF6.
  • CFC creation: CF6.1=9.7, CF7=3, CF8=69.4. Yep, performance here took a hit in CF7, but it's more than made up for in CF8.
Of course, in the real world you need to test whole applications, and not just specific language elements. So:
  • BlogCFC: CF6.1=271, CF7=255, CF8=355. About a 30% performance gain.
  • store: CF6.1=275, CF7=290, CF8=435. 30% performance gain there too.

In general we are expecting an average of 30%-40% performance gain across all application. And we have seen some apps where the gain is double and even triple performance.

Oh, and all of these tests were performed using CF6 and CF7 CFML, no new CF8 stuff. When those are added to the mix CF8 apps will run even quicker.

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